7031 Roseville Rd Ste A

Sacramento, CA 95842



Open Mon-Fri   3pm-9pm

          Sat   11am-4pm

​Weekends by appointment only

Our facility is a perfect place to hold your practices for your teams.  Whether you are looking for a place to practice during inclement weather or want an additional place to hold your practices, make our facility your practice home.

Our 10,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Has:

Seven hitting tunnels and 1 Pitching Tunnel. 2 tunnels equipped with Iron Mikes.  We have indoor pitching mounds which can be utilized in the hitting tunnels.
Open turf infield. Fantastic for infield drills, speed and quickness training and explosive plyometric conditioning specifically designed for baseball and softball workouts. Players will be able to field live ground balls. This area will allow players and teams to get back to basics. This area will be used for tee work, soft toss and many more drills and focusing on improving your game.

Advanced Baseball & Softball Training